AAPBS - Association of Asia-Pacific Business School

Many of us often question ourselves: “Who is AAPBS? Do we make a difference in this world?”

My answer to the above is: “AAPBS is the most unique academic association in the Asia-Pacific region, in which it provides a platform for elite business education leaders to share experiences amongst its members in order to achieve synergy.”

However, this association is not just some event-holding organization that one finds at every street corner. The deans and scholars are gathered to contribute and serve one another. We are here to advance management education, but not limited to only management education.

Management as a subject nowadays has already penetrated into every aspects of our lives. It consists of vast varieties of different fields. We consciously or sub-consciously have been engaging management and business contexts at all times. From daily operation of a single individual up to a nation, all require management. Therefore, the aim of AAPBS is to bring the collegiate of the best business schools in the Asia-Pacific region to explore vital global issues such as sustainability;

environmental concerns; future growth…etc., and GLOCALIZE our knowledge and share best practices amongst ourselves, with an Asia-Pacific touch. At least twice a year at the academic and annual conferences, we gather together, share and absorb. With that, the local heritages from each member country are also exchanged and enhanced through this platform.

AAPBS has celebrated its 10 anniversary in 2014. We are into our 2 decade and continuing to grow. New initiatives have been introduced and embraced by our members. We have also formed alliances with other global organizations such as AMBAC, EFMD, and AACSB; where they are too joining AAPBS, and exchanging views constantly.

It is time where we should take a moment to look back what AAPBS has achieved over the past decade, and look forward to what we can become. To serve our members, provide value, nurture friendships and make a difference in the world.


The primary purpose of the Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS) is to provide leadership and representation to advance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our mission is to collaborate in research and teaching, and working in partnership to improve business school standards and quality. AAPBS and its members are striving to understand and develop a solid paradigm for an Asian management education model within a global context.

The next decade brings AAPBS exciting challenges and opportunities providing new directions for the Association and its members to follow, enhancing member value, increasing membership and generally looking at firmly establishing the Association not only in the Asia-Pacific but globally.


Membership is granted on an institutional level from within the Asia-Pacific region, to degree institutions. New member institutes must be approved by a majority vote from the Council. In reviewing and approving your membership application, the Council will focus on whether:

  • The mission of the institution is aligned with the mission  of AAPBS.

  • The institution demonstrates a high level of contribution  to the advancement of management education  in Asia-Pacific region.

  • The institution has been endorsed and recommended by  an existing member (referees must be Deans of the member  institutions).